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In The Express of July 8, 1974 The event will take place in six months. But he waves already football fans. January 15, 1975, in Brussels, the Brazilian Edson

1974 - Football, the new king, it is Cruijff

In The Express of July 8, 1974 The event will take place in six months. But he waves already football fans. January 15, 1975, in Brussels, the Brazilian Edson

1974 - Football, the new king, it is Cruijff

In The Express of July 8, 1974

The event will take place in six months. But he waves already football fans. January 15, 1975, in Brussels, the Brazilian Edson Arantes Dos Nascimientos, more known under the name of Pele, and the Dutchman Johan Cruijff will be teammates. They face each other, with an international selection, the belgian club Anderlecht. The "king Pele", the footballer yesterday. Cruijff, the king of today. And in the future.

The first, awesome, cat, elusive, and has often won a match all by himself.

Cruijff, he is the strategist, the chief of staff which designs, manages the operations, leads by example and, sometimes, ends with it-even the action that it has devised and imposed.

The lesson of this 10th world Cup, which comes to 800 million viewers in suspense for three weeks, is simple : or well, in the world, you will be inspired by the example of Holland. Or we résignera the football dad !

Even if the result of the final should not reward the best team of the competition (this article was written before the Dutch and the Germans have competed against each other in Munich) anyway, there will have been the Dutch... and the other.

on its first outing, on Saturday, 15 June, against Uruguay, Holland returns to the museum on the style of his opponents. Two goals from Johnny Rep, a wonderful part of Cruijff, a demonstration of modern football, the collective and total. Four days later, however, a quack : the draw (0-0), Wednesday, 19, against the strong Swedish team. But, as soon as the following Sunday, in front of the Bulgarians, yet solid and well-organized. it is the festival of Cruijff, Neeskens, Krol... and company. Performance exceeded by the four goals scored during a mind-boggling match-up against Argentina.

The match against Brazil (2-0, last Wednesday, Dortmund) has consumed the rout of football in south america. A pity that the world champions brazilians have, that night, lost, in addition to their title, their reputation. By their spirit unsporting. But this does not detract, on the contrary, the merit of the Dutch.

Path to a goal, the Dutch, The Express, 8 July 1974.



"I've never seen it, entrust, exhausted but in awe, the argentinian coach Vladislav Cap. My players have never had to deal with such a team. It is a other football. Another way to design the game". As to the rear Ugo Bargas, he explains (France Football, n°1473) : "there is a gap between the Dutch and us. The strength of this team, it is the template of his players and his tactics system. There are not really specialists. There is a goalkeeper. And ten other players, who do everything and know everything. They run from one end to the other of the field, call the ball, are sometimes very close, sometimes very far from each other. We see shirts orange everywhere. It was quickly spinning. It is when they don't have the ball that the Dutch are the most dangerous. Cruijff ? It is he who calms the game, putting the order in difficult situations. But all his teammates have a very great talent."

Up to the world Cup, soccer Dutch, it was mainly the two big clubs : Feyenoord, Rotterdam, ten times champion of Holland, winner of the European Cup in 1970, and his great rival, Ajax, Amsterdam, six times champion of Holland, three-time winner of the European Cup (1971, 1972, 1973), eliminated this year, since its entry into the fray,... by the Bulgarians of Sofia.

Robust, vigorous, energetic, the Dutch have always been excellent players : "the power of The Germans and English, with something more hairline. And, as a bonus, the tradition of work and seriousness", said the Romanian Stefan Kovacs, a former coach of Ajax.

But he had always missed these boys the little something - organization, tactics, player exceptional - which, in an honest mean, would enable them to move to the "top-level" according to the phrase of Kovacs.

This small, something happens in 1966. This year, Ajax decides to dismiss - reflex banal, in football, when a team disappoints - his coach English, Vic Buckingham. And replace it by his ex-centre-forward, a giant square face, the jaw of a bulldog, next to a gray steel : Rinus Michels 46-year-old, gruff, hard, suspicious, rigorous.

With Michels, this is the advent of a style that is methodical, organized, thoughtful. It is he who will have the idea of this tourbillon perpetual is the modern football. These are mounted in waves, these ten defenders that are transformed on-the-field in the ten attackers, who know all do everything, that is Michels. Just like the way the Dutch, massed in front of the opposing goal, circulating the ball waiting for the opponent, bewildered, reveals a flaw. They always create at least a half-dozen chances to score per game.

attention to detail

The arrival of Michels coincides with the outbreak of Johan Cruijff. Smart, eye-catching, Johan, an orphan at 10 years of age, was promised to be a millionaire at 30. Thanks to the football. Held bet. Cruijff and Michels agree, complement each other. There are, at the two men, the same attention to detail, the same taste of the finished work, the same contempt for the amateurism. It is, however, certain that the Ajax 1966-1971 has played a lot more depending on the style - hairline and bright - of Cruijff that depending on the method - more square - of Michels.

it is a maniac of the preparation. It note and draw each evening the combinations that he will repeat to his team, the next day at training. Then, he calls Cruijff - the real boss on the field and even outside - and submits to his thoughts. Michels, lord worried, that sometimes communicates his nervousness to the players and the disorder before the meetings in national capitals, will leave Ajax at the beginning of the season 1972, in Barcelona. Under his iron fist, he will have done, in five years, Ajax's first team in Europe. When he goes, he is replaced by Kovacs, 53 years old, the current coach of the France team. "Thou shalt bring what I can no longer give", simply says Michels to Kovacs.

Kovacs will improve the work of Michels. Its agreement with Cruijff will allow Ajax to win two more times the Cup of Europe. "I have been served, says Kovacs, by the mentality of the Dutch. It is seized - there- by the application with which the people are doing their business, whatever it is."

The Dutch players - the national team entrusted to Rinus Michels account in its training type six players trained at Ajax, including Cruijff, transferred last year to Barcelona, three of Feyenoord, Anderlecht and one of the F. C. Amsterdam - all have, since their inception, spending on average three hours per day to training.

"If I get to play at such a pace that surprises you both," says Cruijff, this is because, between 16 and 20 years old, I am subjected to a training of an exceptional hardness. And that I never saved thereafter." "One could not demand this of the French players," adds, wry, Stefan Kovacs.

In two years, Kovacs has stripped the game of Ajax, removing the "superfluous", that is to say, the dribbling for the dribbling, the feat for the show, forcing a game direct, efficient, getting to his players that they control the game for ninety minutes, leaving nothing to chance, become masters of the ball in time and in space.

cash drawers

The success of Dutch intrigue with the French. "What are they that we don't have ?"

What they have ? 800 000 licensed football for 13 million people. 22 players at km2 ! The highest density in the world. More professional rigor, the lure of gain.

"The career of players is too short," says Rep. We need to win in a decade, enough to live on until the end of our days". This explains why all the Dutch players - and not only Cruijff - are the drawers.

The success of the national team was yet a revelation for the Dutch themselves. "We knew we had good players and good clubs, explains to me a journalist of Voetbaal International, a weekly sports of Amsterdam. But we thought that they would get along not. The surprise, for us, it is the discipline they have shown on the field. All things considered, I understand. They said that in order to gain the maximum amount of money, it was necessary to try to obtain the best results possible. And that the discipline was a way of enriching themselves."

Curiously, the journalists, the Dutch don't seem to wear their players ' performance to the credit of the coaches : "Rinus Michels ? Bah ! It is especially good for the discipline. Kovacs ? In Holland, we consider him as a great speaker. He did not like to explain the coup' journalists. In fact, the strength of our team, it is his ability to change pace, to vary the game, this synthesis of styles, south-american and british."

For Cor Van der Hart, 46 years old, ex-semi-centre of Lille and assistant, until last week, Michels, Germany, the secret of Holland, it is... the ease of communication of his players.

"We talk all the time about what we're going to do. The way we put on the field. We repeat the combinations that others simply draw on the blackboard. We know more than others, suffer in the training. And we have a large reserve of quality players. Moreover, in our team, there are a lot of Cruijff."

terrible carcasses

The concern of the results, the profit motive does not transform, however, not the Dutch robots with severe and icy. The other day, Iltrop, at the Wald Hotel, close to the Dutch border, the headquarters of the Dutch, despite the rain, the gloomy weather, the players are smiling. At the counter of the hotel, it sells Playboy. And the players sometimes buy.

Cruijff, surrounded by a forest of microphones, explains the situation of Spanish journalists. His look-alike, winger Rob Rensenbrink, long, lean, tanned, talks with Johnny Rep, who comes to be engaged by the Olympic of Marseille. Rinus Michels, relaxed (rare sight), drinking beer with the mayor of Iltrop, who came as a neighbour. Jan Jongbloed, 34 years old, the goalkeeper, the only player in western Europe to not be a full time professional (it has a tobacconist in Amsterdam), trying new glasses : on the ground, he is wearing contact lenses.

everyone is talking, smoking, joking. Nothing in the seminar studious and serious. The day before, the pop group The Cats came to play for the team.

Mimicry ? Coincidence ? Those Dutchmen are all alike. Long, lean. Sharpened. "Terrible carcass", said the captain argentine Profumo. "Even without Cruijff, we are very strong," says Van der Hart, nodding her head.

However, on Saturday 29 June, private Cruijff, but with his coach Rinus Michels, Barcelona has been crushed (4 goals to 0) by his old rival, Real Madrid in the final of the Spanish Cup.

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